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August Kubizek quotes Showing of “It was not sympathy in the ordinary sense which he [Adolf Hitler] felt for the disinherited. “So, in spite of all apparent contradictions, this strange love of Hitler for Stefanie falls into the pattern of his character. The Young Hitler I Knew — August Kubizek. Introduction — H.R. Trevor-Roper. Editor note: Roper was a jew reporter with close ties to British Intelligence. : The Young Hitler I Knew: The Definitive Inside Look at the Artist Who Became a Monster (): August Kubizek, Ian Kershaw: Books.

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He retired as head of the council on] anuary 1,and now lives in the marketplace with lubizek wife, who keeps there a small draper’s shop. Of course, Kubizek offers us a humanized portrait and to me, the most tragic element is Hitler’s profound and deep interest in kubjzek self-expression being funneled and co-opted by an insidious German Idealism. The expression of the eyes is penetrating and incorruptible, the eyes of a man who, as a customs official, is obliged to view everything with suspicion.

August Kubizek Quotes (Author of The Young Hitler I Knew)

That should tell you something. Jun 03, Lawrence rated it really liked it. Lists with This Book. A very readable account.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has studied the life of Adolf Hitler. And again when the second wife fell gravely ill and died, Klara, the third, was already kubizekk a child of his.

There was nothing to disturb his contemplative mood. Behind the outward meaninglessness of his hand-to-mouth existence we see the inner purposefulness of his studies, his experiences, his reasoning. Everything that lay in these rigid precincts of his being remained unaltered forever.


I remember many occasions when he showed this love for his mother, most deeply and movingly during her last illness; he never spoke of his mother but with deep affection.

How much suffering is hidden behind these bare figures! From the moment I had this proof of his talent- forme so decisive – I considered that there was nothing that Hitler could not achieve by a convincing speech.

He joined the Museum Society and borrowed books from mubizek library.

It would have been absolutely natural if that little upholsterer with his tools in his hand had stepped forward to the footlights and, at a sign from the conductor, had sung his part auyust to prove to the audience in the stalls, nay to an attentive world, that in reality he was not that pale, lanky fellow from the upholsterer’s shop in the Klammstrasse, but that his place was really on the stage in the theatre!

But it wasn’t only a matter of building. The most outstanding trait in my friend’s character was, as I had experienced myself, the unparalleled consistency in everything that he said and did. At home nobody had any inkling of my state of mind; for rather than utter a word about my secret ambitions, I would have bitten off my tongue.

Rather, this was the outcome of his general attitude of sharing qugust all the things that were of concern to me. He was, and buddy Gustl reports on it in this book. He made excellent use of his undoubted histrionic talents, which he cleverly combined with his gift for oratory.

Everybody who was anybody took his evening stroll along the main street of kubjzek city, which leads from the railway auguxt to the bridge over the Danube and is called significantly “Landstrasse.


August Kubizek

However much he loved his mother, she could not help him with his problems. Agust 31, kuvizek rated it really liked it Shelves: This is the first edition to be published in English since and it corrects many changes made for reasons of political correctness.

For the rest there was nothing outstanding about him, either good or bad. I told him how littie auguet I had had atschool myself. In Vienna, August studies hard and excels in his music studies. Thus he was always rebuilding the town. Kubizek appears to write with genuine rose tainted reminiscence regarding – what he calls – his kubizzek old friend, Hitler.

And we also see how Kubizek, a much more grounded and ultimately “bourgeois” dude has an appreciation of Wagner that, while sentimental, is grounded in appreciation of his technical achievements as part of a more cosmopolitan appreciation of Opera and music in general. May 22, My Pseudonym rated it really liked it. I leave it to others to judge whether people who, like Adolf, find their way with a sleepwalker’s sureness, pick up at random the companion that they need forthatparticular part of their path, or whetherfate chooses forthem.

But recognizing that everyone in history was a human is augusr historian’s, whether serious or hobbyist, obligation so that they can paint an accurate, non-sensationalist picture of events past.