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Integrated Hospital Information System. PHP,mySQL,PostgreSQL. Surgery, Nursing,Outpatient,Wards,Labs, Pharmacy, Security,Admission,Schedulers,. Download CARE2X – Integrated Hospital Info System for free. Integrated Hospital Information System. PHP,mySQL,PostgreSQL. Uncompress the CARE2X 2nd Generation Deployment scripts into the active directory of Apache web server. 6. Make sure that the server can write in the.

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Installation 2nd Generation Deployment 2.

Please refer to the documention of mySQL. But out of the options we know about with this we have the best chances to succeed. If you do not like to use the integrated mznual and wants to use your own db administration program, just skip step 10 and start your db admin program. Close co-operation is planned etween these teams.

Installation of CARE 2X – manual installation

There are others in their initial stages. Care2x is a new program and the first deployment version was published in the beginning of but already now it is translated to over 20 languages and hospitals in Malaysia, India, France, Italy are using it and many more are working on it. The user needs to learn only how to use Care2X. Car2x problems with those we have evaluated is either they are far too expensive, poor quality or there are difficulties to organize support.


In most servers, file access permission is highly restrictive. Development is broad based and fast. It is platform free, but we will install it on Linux server. Enter the necessary information. Type the following address in your browser: For windows users, right click on the file, select “properties” and remove any write protection. You must remember this name since you need it in creating the database in later steps. You have to follow the step 14 to create additional admin permissions.

Make sure that the following extensions and external php modules are loaded in your php installation. Enter the following address in the browser: You can leave it blank manial type localhost ONLY if you are sure that your system is using localhost.

Uses a standard database language. To do this use phpmyAdmin to load the following sql dump: Why Care2x for Hospital Information System. The users would likely manusl notice the replacement of modules. Critical files At the end of installation, several files will be renamed by the installer by appending randomly generated numbers.

The Solution

So we are not alone. It is modular and highly scalable. Future roadmap Care2X Forum: The software is web-based. Care2x is made with known good tools: If your mySQL resides on the carre2x machine and uses the same IP address as the Apache web server you can use the default settings.


After creating the new system admin, remove this script from mannual active server directory. Secret keys You can leave them blank, the installer will generate random number keys. OpenEMR is another program with good features but is best for small practices. Has many built-in automation, data validation, signalling, and updating features. The secret key for the first level script lock.

Documentation |

Solves the data redundancy issues. You cannot create additional Admin permission using this interface. If the web server is within a network, enter specifically the IP adresses for the hosts. Bugs and security holes can be detected quickly.

Click the “Install Care2x” button. Care2X is an open source car2x. Community talks Care2X IdeaTorrent?: No need for dedicated and costly client programs. Program functions are accessed via standard browser. Customization for the hospital’s special needs can be done by the hospital’s edp staff.

Solves the platform dependency issue. Enter the proper hostusernameand password information for your mySQL database. The secret key for the third level script lock.

Read and subscribe it Care2x Current development issues: