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Council Of Wyrms (2e) – Feel mighty muscles ripple beneath your armored flesh. Hear the wind rush by with each powerful flap of your scaled. AD&D 2nd Edition – Council of Wyrms – Book 1 – Free download as PDF File .pdf ), Text File .txt) or read online for free. The Council of Wyrms is divided into two distinct bodies: the Platform of Wyrms, whose members may cast votes; and the Platform of Dominates, whose.

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The use of raise dead spells cannot resurrect a dragon, but the resurrection or wish spells can. The method by which the players in the video play the game bears only a moderate resemblance to the actual game as described in the official rulebook.

Of the existing magical items, dragons can make use of amulets, rings, and bracers, as well as rods, staves, and wands. Should your protectorate ever be stolen or removed, you operate under the effects of the bestow curse spell unless you are in direct pursuit of retrieving it.

Council of Wyrms | Revolvy

The clan’s leader is the great wyrm Agrannus, wwyrms cheerful and kind old lizard who lets anyone into his borders that has a good heart and is willing to contribute. Also it helps the aforementioned polymorphed dragons remember they’re dragons. In combat, they go full force as soon as possible, regardless of what they fight – which is mostly giants.

The dragon knows where its kindredbond is at all times, coincil can detect thoughts as per the spell on their kindredbond whenever it desires and from any distance.

Council of Wyrms – Wikipedia

He’s been looking for servants, and has finally found them in Clan Blackmoon. At the beginning of the turn of any victim restrained by the net, they suffer 7 counicl piercing damage. He died at the hands of the gold dragon Baraster before the dragon slayers came, and now, Infernis wants revenge on Baraster’s descendants.

Make a single melee attack; on a hit, deal bludgeoning damage equal to your bite attack.

Councol is the lesser draconic goddess of evil and the chromatic dragons. Vassals settle in the territory of an adult dragon, if they are permitted to do so, and consider that dragon their lord, second only to the clan leadership. Instead, Strength is used to determine maximum weight when flying or lifting, smashing down barriers or breaking bars and damaging various structures. The hoard is mechanically divided into two parts – the ‘bonded o and the ‘accumulating hoard.


These dragons tend to either have a mental illness or suffer some obsessive ambition.

Council of Wyrms

It is a neutral site where conflict is forbidden, save that initiated by the Wyrsm of Claw and Wing. He is Neutral Evil and hates the other gods. The domain is also home to Brasstown, a desert city that is the clan’s capital. A nature is a combination of supplementary player power and roleplaying hook. Some noncombats take 2, and again, some must be taken only after leveling up. Dragons have special rules for Dexterity Sleight of Hand checks and other roguish skills, outlined later in this document.

They are at a somewhat uneasy peace with each other, each having their own lands to rule over, and their government is the Wyrrms of Wyrms, which largely exists to arbitrate disagreements between clans and keep wars from happening between dragons, as well as keeping watch for humans, who once almost destroyed the dragons.

They are happy to raid others to get those slaves, and will even capture other dragons if they can get away with it. Most Custodians of Concordance, however, are descended from Starratiel. The dragon slayer champion can take 3 legendary actions, choosing from the options below. Cantrip is a word of Scots origin to mean a magical spell of any kind,[1] or one which reads the same forwards and backwards.

If you are a crystal dragon, this damage type is radiant. There are several reasons a dragon might utilize crafted armaments, not the least of which is for the purposes of enchantment. Sapphires prefer dwarves and gnomes as vassals, finding elves to be too much like their natural enemies, wgrms drow. Creatures may attempt a Wisdom saving throw to halve the damage from your breath weapon and ignore the couuncil effect. When the Council meets, her word is law, to ensure debates do not devolve into chaos.

David Blizzard rated it it was ok Jul 15, counxil Dragons love to wear rings, bracers, earrings and other forms of jewelry. Although such high-level play has existed in various forms in the game for decades, the term “epic level” was introduced in the game’s third edition to refer to character wyrma that are beyond the standard leveling rules, or every level past 20th level.

What they lose in mass and strength they make up for in swiftness and guile. Between sessions, she and her attendants keep the island in good repair, mostly with the work of the vassals that serve them. In addition to the Weave, there is also a Shadow Weave created by the goddess Shar; because Shar is a goddess of secrets, its secrets are kept mostly to herself.


They also love the ocean and enjoy eating sharks and pearls. Several of wyfms clans receive information in the book, while the GM is left to make up histories for the rest.

These rotting and grotesque monstrosities retain their insidious intellect and gain undead powers in accordance with their foul alteration.

The Council of Wyrms boxed set includes rules for playing dragonhalf dragon, and dragon servant characters. Intelligence works pretty much as normal, though wgrms get fewer noncombat proficiencies than normal and don’t get spell immunity from it. The clan defeated its enemies long ago, and has been at peace for three generations due to its reputation for martial strength, but they continue to act syrms if on the verge of war.

The duty of a wyrmling is to watch and learn from its betters, performing small tasks as clan or Council mandates and preparing for advancement through society as the years pass. In meetings of many dragon types, there are also prefixes for ocuncil type – ‘au’ for golds, ‘ag’ for silvers, ‘cn’ for bronze, ‘cu’ for copper, ‘zu’ for brass, ‘ys’ for amethyst, ‘ir’ for sapphire, ‘al’ for emerald, ‘op’ for topaz, ‘ry’ for crystal, ‘cr’ for red, ‘az’ for blue, ‘ve’ for green, ‘dr’ for black and ‘li’ for white.

The ruler of the clan is the great wyrm Maragdus, councik even his own subjects are not allowed in his lair, which he rarely leaves. Humanoid tribes of all sorts squat in these areas – sometimes as nomads or minor cohncil, sometimes not. They are the most militaristic of dragons, and are extremely territorial and distrusting of travelers. As an action, you can exhale this breath upon your enemies, forcing your enemy to make a saving throw listed under your breed entry.

Many creatures ascribe magical properties to these precious metals and gems that are found in dragon eggs, but other than their efficiency when used as spell components, no intrinsic magic has ever been documented. The ogre egg hunter throws a hooked net up to 50 feet, which affects a 15 foot cube.