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Our mystery Pandora for February is the much anticipated The Defiant Hero by Suzanne Brockmann. When Meg Moore’s daughter and. The Defiant Hero: Troubleshooters 2 by Suzanne Brockmann, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. There are eight words Meg Moore has never been able to forget: “The United States refuses to negotiate with terrorists.” But what was merely a chilling warning .

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Everybody had their own voice. Are you in your book? Her personal favorite is the one where her most popular character, gay FBI agent Jules Cassidy, wins his happily-ever-after and marries the man of his dreams.

Notwithstanding the cliff-hangers, she is jumping around within these five stories for the entire book. First off, she’s got an incredibly handsome, sweet, kind, navy seal lieutenant ready to help her get her family back safely, and yet she’s insistant about doing things her way.

Why would she ever think she knew how to handle the situation better than he did?

Then he picks up the heroine and tenderly nurtures her — what a guy. The characters are awesome, as are the storylines and the romances. Suzanns was quickly rooting for them.

It is a type of book that jumps around from different characters and points of view. No ssuzanne or quizzes yet. Meg must enter the Kazbekistan Embassy and kill Osman Razeen, a known terrorist.

The Defiant Hero

I’m not saying there isn’t some truth to what she experienced, but she took it way to far. The one that’s always bothered me is Sam and Alyssa.


These two have captured my attention. And like the other books, this one brocmkann has it’s bits of historical scenes. Through the whole book Meg was acting like a maniac, which is somewhat understandable, since the lives of her and her loved ones were in immediate danger.

This was my first single title by Brockmann and once I got used to the realistic dialogue I enjoyed it a lot. Followed by a related story of Meg’s daughter Amy and Meg’s grandmother Eve.

It’s been so long since I’d read this, that while I remembered the story, I had forgotten some of the details. Troubleshooters 1 – 10 of 17 books.

The Defiant Hero — All About Romance

Brocimann was my pick for best romance of But this plays into another difficulty I had, which is that her relationship in the present with Nils is not terribly romantic. For this one, I definitely was looking forward to hearing the stories of the secondary characters–Eve and Ralph from World War II era and Sam and Shzanne from present day–more szanne those of the main characters, Meg and John.

The you have Sam with a million names and Alyssa. In fact I had a hard time putting the book down. Buddy read with the amazing Choko As with the previous book, The Defiant Hero seems to follow the same recipe featuring the romance of the main couple, but also a romance set in a past war.

Contemporary Romance Review Tags: I think he was surprised we all knew it was his bod on the cover of Naughty, Naughty but who can miss those abs, and that is a very nice arm on the cover! The heat in this book, though, comes from Sam and Alyssa -they nearly set the pages on fire and I look forward to seeing them again. I guess it goes without saying that I had a lot of anticipation hego The Defiant Hero.


The Defiant Hero (Troubleshooters, #2) by Suzanne Brockmann

Feb 27, Pages Buy. Time Enough for Love. She will lose her life if he doesn’t I understand she had to be under extreme stress, but she was not a naive teenager that might believe that these hoodlums will follow and give the loved ones back and let them live. The author has five different stories happening, 3 current day and 2 flashbacks. Al igual que en el libro anterior, nos encontramos con historias entrecruzadas de los diferentes protagonistas la pareja principal, secundarios y otra sobre la IIGM.

And, again, all the characters in all the stories were so well written and developed. He’s always inserting his foot into his mouth, but I don’t enjoy Alyssa’s reactions to him and honestly can’t figure out what he sees in her. It was plain as day that they had feelings for each other but instead of admitting it they tried their best to antagonise each other.