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I found a module for sale, PCTC – DSC Escort Voice Module, The module includes a built in interface to control up to 32 X10 units and four. Escort Pctc – Dsc Escort Voice Module, manual related issues. Get free help, solutions & advice from top Escort experts. LCDz – DSC Full message LCD keypad for power series control panel . PCTC ESCORT MODULE WITH BUILT IN THERMOSTAT INTERFACE.

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Add to Cart Options. The Escort TC allows any touch-tone telephone to act as a keypad for your security system.

The DSC Power 1832

Besides DSC alarm products, they have a complete line of equipment from several other manufacturers. Ranging from large complex military complexes to small convenience stores.

For larger houses, zone expanders can be added to increase the number of protected zones. Adds 8 hardwired zones to the alarm system. Click to see a short YouTube video clip showing the key features of the kit. You could assign a partition to each area up to a maximum of 4. An audio interface module installed with the main controller is required.

Each PC zone expander adds 8 zones to the main panel capacity. I’m surprised that theirs not a lot of talk or information on incorporating X10 into wired systems, or i just haven’t found it yet.

Customers who bought this product also commonly purchased the following combination of items. Here, you can find the information what you need, then how to connect it and what you can achieve using DSC and X You can but I wouldn’t. The simple answer is: Can be programmed to respond to one of 14 different system conditions.


I have 2 wired zones with sliding glass doors and existing wired door sensors can I wire in the “AC” glass break sensor? Each output is rated at 50mA. March 04, Our Engineers can help contact us now. You may have inherited a DSC Power as part of an existing home security system.

Please fill out the form below and our security design specialists will assist you! Please login or register. Allows the alarm system to print reports to a serial printer. The post indicates the installation was problematic. Detects RF jamming as a zone tamper. Your DSC alarm system allow you to automatically: Adds 8 hardwired zones to the alarm system.

Both the and the DSC alarm systems have been workhorses in the security business for years, and have been installed by professionals and do-it-yourselfers alike. The power to listen in and communicate anywhere in and around the premises. Home Help Search Login Register. What will this module work with? Each station can be used to pc5580tcc or receive pages, answer incoming calls, answer the doorbell, monitor rooms or sound an alarm follower.

Adamek Newbie Helpful Post Rating: Also adds 4 high current programmable outputs pc55580tc door strikes, bells, and more.

DSC X alarm module PCTC

Keypad Option for Power Series. Prints 40 or 80 column on printers with baud rates of,or We pride ourselves to have the completed and designed over 75, projects across the nation in the past 12 years.


I would try to run a new wire from vsc panel to the location of the AC remember they have to be within 25′ of the glass 3.

These “hinderences” are all solvable. More zones can pc558tc added, via hardwired or wireless expanders, up to pc5580rc total of 32 zones. It lets you monitor whether or not a house sitter, cleaning crew, or even your own family is arming and disarming the system at the expected times.

HD Digital Video Recorders. Customized Commands, Access codes. This post below indicates the DSC system requires a X10 interface to actually couple the X10 generated control signals from the DSC system to the homes powerlines. All pc5580td are the property of their respective owners. What do I need to make the lights come on? Can be programmed to respond to one of 14 different system conditions. Rsc receiver module, which can be placed anywhere on the system, will receive signals from up to 32 wireless sensors.

Any hard-to-wire locations could be covered using wireless door and window transmitters, wireless motion detectors, etc. Wireless Receiver pc – The central monitoring station can activate all intercoms to conduct two-way conversation or to listen in on any room. Audio Interface Module PC works with power and c.

Their is no support from DSC on X products.